Air Vehicles

  • DC-RE020 - Karl Foley, Prince of New Troy
    DC-RE020 - Karl Foley, Prince of New Troy

    Karl Foley is possibly the most famous Resistance fighter on all of Eden Prime and certainly the UCM's staunchest ally there. His actions several years ago during his legendary 'Great Gambit' raid were instrumental in bringing the…

    € 19,50
  • DC-RE021 - AH-16 Cyclone
    DC-RE021 - AH-16 Cyclone

    The AH-16 Cyclone is a dedicated attack helicopter, designed solely for dealing swift annihilation to ground targets. It is extremely large compared to its modern UCM equivalent, the Falcon Gunship, and requires a crew of two to…

    € 21,00
  • DC-RE022 - J19 Hellboy
    DC-RE022 - J19 Hellboy

    The J19 Hellhog is a truly dangerous heavy strike jumpjet, designed primarily for the ground attack role. It is one of the only fighters operated by the Resistance as its VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) capabilities have…

    € 17,50
  • DC-RE023 - Barrel Bomber
    DC-RE023 - Barrel Bomber

    The Barrel Bomber is known by many monikers; Monkey’s Revenge, Flying Bulldozer, The Elephant, Jellycrusher and Skyhammer are just a few examples. Despite being a homebrewed concoction, it’s curious to note that tinkering…

    € 18,00
  • DC-RE024 - Gunmar, The Ferryman
    DC-RE024 - Gunmar, The Ferryman

    Gunnarr gained the moniker 'The Ferryman' by age 19, simply because he had already (and personally) sent a great many rivals to the next world. He is a true psychopath and lives only or violence, blood and death.

    After over a…

    € 19,50


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