• DC-SA024 - Gaia Heavy Gate
    DC-SA024 - Gaia Heavy Gate

    The Gaia represents one of the crowning achievements of Shaltari teleport gate technology. An intricate yet vast marvel of stunning complexity, It is the largest of its kind yet encountered on the battlefields of the 27th century.…

    € 24,00
  • DC-SA025 - Eden Medium Gate
    DC-SA025 - Eden Medium Gate

    The elegant Eden is the mainstay of Shaltari orbit-ground troop insertion. Unlike the primitive dropships of other races, the Eden utilises teleportation technology to transfer units onboard an orbiting mothership to the…

    € 13,50
  • DC-SA026 - Spirit Light Gates
    DC-SA026 - Spirit Light Gates

    The Spirit is the lightest and fastest of all Shaltari Gates, and is primarily utilised for scout and advance infantry insertion. Its considerable speed and small footprint makes it particularly useful for rapid deployment and…

    € 13,50


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