Air Vehicles

  • DC-SA021 - Fire Drake
    DC-SA021 - Fire Drake

    The Firedrake is a large and lethal gunship which carries the exotic Spatial Disruption Cannon as its primary armament, providing powerful air-ground fire support. This eldritch weapon becomes increasingly dangerous as the…

    € 18,50
  • DC-SA022 - Thunderbirds Gunships
    DC-SA022 - Thunderbirds Gunships

    The Thunderbird is a lethal gunship, dedicated to the ground attack role. Its highly distinctive silhouette is reminiscent of stinging insects, an eminently suitable comparison. The Tunderbird features a deadly sting in the form…

    € 14,00
  • DC-SA023 - Warspear Heavy Fighter
    DC-SA023 - Warspear Heavy Fighter

    The Warspear is a formidably equiped, multi-role heavy fighter. Its primary armament is a pair of heavy ion cannons, giving it awesome air-to-air destructive power. Very few aircraft can withstand a volley from these devastating…

    € 10,40


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