• DC-SA001 - Pungari Auxiliaries
    DC-SA001 - Pungari Auxiliaries

    The discovery of the Cradle Worlds and very foundation of the UCM can be traced to the first contact with the Shaltari and their help in exploring the galaxy. However, the less than altruistic designs that the Shaltari apparently…

    € 14,00
  • DC-SA002 - Braves
    DC-SA002 - Braves

    Shaltari infantry (UCM designation - 'Braves') are formidable opponents. Shaltari counteract their rather diminutive stature by taking to the battlefield in lithe, armoured exoskeletons over eight feet in height known as Warsuits.…

    € 11,50
  • DC-SA003 - Firstborns
    DC-SA003 - Firstborns

    The Firstborns are unusual amongst the Shaltari, since their spirit still inhabits the original body they were born with. Even as adults, these individuals are impetuous and fiery in the eyes of older Shaltari. Their enthusiasm,…

    € 11,50


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