Air Vehicles

  • DC-SC015 - Vampires
    DC-SC015 - Vampires

    Officially titled ‘Species SC-23-F’, these flying Scourge creatures have swiftly taken on the moniker of ‘Vampires’ among UCM personnel. In their natural environment they roost in large numbers but are skittish, using…

    € 15,50
  • DC-SC016 - Eden's Dinosaur
    DC-SC016 - Eden's Dinosaur

    The very existence of this individual has brought into question much of what the UCM thought they knew about Scourge biology. At the time of their invasion, most hosts were the so called 'Lizard Warriors', which were in the later…

    € 24,50
  • DC-SC017 - Reaver Heavy Gunships
    DC-SC017 - Reaver Heavy Gunships

    The Reaver is a roving predator of the skies with the sole purpose of annihilating enemy ground units. It is armed with a pair of sleek Plasma Lances - which are more flexible and lighter versions of the standard Plasma Cannon.…

    € 16,00
  • DC-SC018 - Desolator
    DC-SC018 - Desolator

    The sinister Desolator is perhaps the most feared of all Scourge engines of destruction, although it is thankfully a rare sight. Its distinctive floating silhouette is mainly derived from its colossal weapons system, the frankly…

    € 22,50
  • DC-SC019 - Corsair Fighters
    DC-SC019 - Corsair Fighters

    The Corsair is a small, agile interceptor craft armed with a single, powerful plasma canon. Unusually for a fighter, this features a very low rate of fire. However, an impact from this anti tank weapon is almost always fatal for…

    € 13,00
  • DC-SC020 - Minder Swarm
    DC-SC020 - Minder Swarm

    The Minder is a tiny aerial craft, although it is still exceedingly hazardous to approach. It is atypical of most Scourge units since it fulfils a purely defensive role. Armed with a small version of the deadly Arc Caster, the…

    € 15,50
  • DC-SC021 - Cave Breaker
    DC-SC021 - Cave Breaker

    Cavebreaker first came to the attention of the Resistance as an individual human host Scourge in apparent command of one of the few deep cave raiding parties to reach the depths where resistance fighters were based. He was notable…

    € 29,00


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