• DC-SC001 - Eviscerators
    DC-SC001 - Eviscerators

    While 'ordinary' Scourge Destroyers are brutal and dreaded opponents in CQB, Eviscerators are truly terrifying. It is well known that Scourge parasites begin to lose their grip on their host when they reach old age, resulting in…

    € 13,00
  • DC-SC002 - Destroyers
    DC-SC002 - Destroyers

    Destroyers are the only remnants of a brutal and savage alien race, long since conquered by the Scourge. In much the same manner as the Razorworms, they are now bred specifically as hosts due to their prodigious power and…

    € 11,50
  • DC-SC003 - Warriors
    DC-SC003 - Warriors

    Warriors are the frontline foot soldiers of the Scourge - unfortunate puppets who must endure a lifetime of neuro-suppression and vice like control as a Scourge host. As the Scourge ages, it's grip starts to slip, revealing the…

    € 15,50
  • DC-SC004 - RazorWorms
    DC-SC004 - RazorWorms

    The Razorworm is a merciless predator, a terror of dark places and a living nightmare in chitin, flesh and claws. As a particularly virulent life form, the Scourge maintains breeding stock of these voracious aliens for use as…

    € 15,50


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