Air Vehicles

  • DC-UC020 - Archangel Interceptors
    DC-UC020 - Archangel Interceptors

    The Archangel is a thoroughbred air-to-air interceptor, designed solely for air superiority missions. It is a small aircraft, built around a pair of conventional ‘Retribution’ 40mm cannons, leading to the moniker ‘The Last…

    € 14,00
  • DC-UC021 - Seraphim Strike Fighter
    DC-UC021 - Seraphim Strike Fighter

    The Seraphim is a heavy fighter, designed specifically for strike missions against ground targets. It features a well armoured underbelly, giving it enhanced protection against ground fire. This is just as well, since a typical…

    € 14,00
  • DC-UC022 - Falcon Gunships
    DC-UC022 - Falcon Gunships

    The Falcon is light ground attack craft, designed for close air support missions. Built around the Raven dropship chassis, the Falcon is able to loiter over the combat zone, presenting a constant threat to enemy ground units. It…

    € 13,00
  • DC-UC023 - Eagle Heavy Gunship
    DC-UC023 - Eagle Heavy Gunship

    The Eagle is essentially a weaponised variant of the condor which scarifies its transport capacity in favour of devastating firepower. The Eagle packs a pair of heavy railguns as well as two independently targeting multi-rocket…

    € 17,50
  • DC-UC024 - Phoenix Command Gunship
    DC-UC024 - Phoenix Command Gunship

    The legions were designed for shock and awe, descending on the cradle worlds without warning and rapidly taking back what belongs to humanity. The Phoenix is an up-gunned beast. It is a heavy command platform which is always first…

    € 39,00


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