BlightHaven (15mm)



The great city-state of Brighthaven, built three centuries ago during the last great age of enlightenment. Its purpose was to bring together all the races of the world in peace. A place where Human, Orc, Elf, Dwarf and Goblin could live side by side, to learn respect for each other, to share their cultures and settle disputes, to trade and to share their knowledge of science and magic.

The Age of enlightenment has long since passed and the city is but a shadow of its former greatness. The docks and marketplaces are still busy, but sudden brawls can break out at any time and crime is rampant. Parts of the city have been abandoned by the residents, given over completely to marauding gangs. The city militia attempt to keep order as best as they can, but what hope do poorly armed men have against mobs of Orcs, or worse....

Life on the streets can be brutal, few would willingly venture out unarmed or alone. The network of catacombs, sewers and dungeons beneath the city have become home to all manner of foul creatures. The fortified harbour is prey to attacks by corsairs with only the most heavily armed ships daring to ply their trade there.

The once proud city has now come to be known as Blighthaven

And yet... rumours abound of derelict magic colleges that still house valuable artefacts, great subterranean vaults full of forgotten riches and vast libraries of arcane knowledge. Fortunes are there to be made by those brave enough to raise a warband and venture deep into the lawless heart of the city.


Miniatures are 15mm high...and bases are not included...

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