The Silvermoon Syndicate

The thriving port of Jima is the beating heart of the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate’s operations. For generations the merchants of the syndicate have been the trade life blood of the Jwar isles. From the great gambling halls, where fortunes are won or lost, on the roll of a single dice or the draw of a card. A bustling and bountiful harbour brimming with exotic goods and rare delights. Famed arenas where colossal Jumo warriors clash in a brutal dance, or an array of fighting beasts struggle in a battle to the death. Water houses where ones wildest fantasies can become reality with the touch of a Rose. Their power lies not the in military might of the Ito, Takashi or Minimoto but in the stranglehold they have on trade. And not only the trade of goods, but of the secrets and whispers of even the most pious. Some would liken the Silvermoon to the flip of a coin. Pay your debts and you come up in the sun with the fortunes smiling, cross or try to cheat them and you’ll be in the dark and covered in dirt.

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  • GCTB140 - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate Starter Set
    GCTB140 - Silvermoon Trade Syndicate Starter Set

    The thriving port of Jima is the beating heart of the Silvermoon Trade Syndicate’s operations. In recent generations the merchants of the Silvermoon Syndicate have been the trade life blood of the Jwar isles. It’s famed arenas…

    € 35,00
  • GCTB141 - Yukio Koshimori, Imperial Envoy
    GCTB141 - Yukio Koshimori, Imperial Envoy

    Yukio Koshimori is one of the shrewdest, craftiest minds in the empire. Many question his recent arrival in the Jwar Isles, some suggest his appearance a bad omen; that the Empire’s interest in the isles is piqued whilst others…

    € 11,00
  • GCTB142 - Golden Sentinel
    GCTB142 - Golden Sentinel

    The Golden Sentinels are the bodyguards of the Emperor’s clan, guarding the family on their travels, in their homes and in court. They also serve as escorts to his Teishin as they journey his Empire spreading his holy word. If…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB143 - Sukoshi Kani & Nomi
    GCTB143 - Sukoshi Kani & Nomi

    The oyabun of the Silvermoon do not consider age a restriction to the entrance to their service. Many fill their numbers with youngsters eager to establish themselves within the Shatei ranks and prove themselves worthy of their…

    € 11,00
  • GCTB144 - Hanami
    GCTB144 - Hanami

    The head of the Jade Rose has always been the Hanami, Queen of Flowers, the identity of the Queen is never known, for the Roses never go by a real name from the moment they join the sisterhood of the Jade Rose. Despite there…

    € 12,00
  • GCTB145 - Oda & Tautola
    GCTB145 - Oda & Tautola

    The legendary Jumo sensei, and current Oyabun of the Iron Fist gumi, Oda is small only in stature, for everything else about this no nonsense boss is anything but. Oda likes nothing more than to drill and sculpt his famous Buto…

    € 16,50
  • GCTB146 - Saki
    GCTB146 - Saki

    The reach of the Jade Roses stretches far beyond the city of Jima. It is difficult to find an individual in a position of power, man or woman who hasn’t tasted or been tempted by the sweet smell and charms of a beautiful rose.…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB147 - Old Zo
    GCTB147 - Old Zo

    Exactly how Old Zo is remains unknown as it seems he has been in service to the Gumis of the Silvermoon for decades. If the years have taken their toll on his body they have certainly not affected his cunning mind and his famed…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB148 - Kyoaku-Han
    GCTB148 - Kyoaku-Han

    The lowest ranks of the Silvermoon are made up of the Kyoaku-Han. Violent, ambitious and driven young men and women who seek the power and wealth the Silvermoon can offer them. It is unclear the exact rites and rituals required…

    € 14,00
  • GCTB149 - Fitiaumua
    GCTB149 - Fitiaumua

    The Buto are a fearsome and brutal people when stirred to actions. Fituamua is no different and serves as the silent enforcer for the Syndicate. A once renowned Jumo fighter he has since worked his way into the service of the Iron…

    € 12,00
  • GCTB150 - Sukuratchi & Animals
    GCTB150 - Sukuratchi & Animals

    Sukuratchi, a grizzled and season veteran of Jima’s famed fighting pits, an accolade that many in his trade cannot claim. His years training and taming animals means that Sukuratchi has a vast knowledge of skills and techniques…

    € 12,50
  • GCTB151 - Wasapu & Senpu
    GCTB151 - Wasapu & Senpu

    Wasapu: It is unclear exactly where the Silvermoon source their knowledge of new technologies. Whether through a shrewd business deal or more nefarious means the Syndicate acquired the intricate, rapid, reloading mechanism…

    € 14,00
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