The Cult of Yurei

In the shadows and dark corners of the world, the worshippers of Yurei are gathering force. The many members of this Cult may not even be aware that they are serving the same dark masters, but serve them they do – the Yurei Bargain, which in its various forms allows control over life and death, has proven a temptation to many different people who would otherwise have nothing in common.

In the Cult of Yurei, you may think yourself the master of your own Fate but you are always advancing the unfathomable goals of dark unseen masters. Even a puppet master has someone pulling his strings...

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  • GCTB065 - Cult of Yurei - Starter Set
    GCTB065 - Cult of Yurei - Starter Set

    In the shadows and dark corners of the world, the worshippers of Yurei are gathering force. The many members of this Cult may not even be aware that they are serving the same dark masters, but serve them they do – the Yurei…

    € 35,00
  • GCTB066 - Taisho Tenbatsu
    GCTB066 - Taisho Tenbatsu

    Kurouma Tenbatsu is a broken and twisted man. The Kurouma line was cut over a century ago, only a small and insignificant clan during their short existence and Tenbatsu is all that remains of the clan formerly based in Eastern…

    € 12,00
  • GCTB067 - Yugio
    GCTB067 - Yugio

    Yugio, once a pious and faithful peasant serving the burial grounds of his hamlet. However this once loyal and honest man, like so many, has been corrupted. The long days spent on his own listening to ancestors began to turn his…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB068 - Penanggalan
    GCTB068 - Penanggalan

    The Vampiric Yokai is yet another nightmare made flesh by the weakening of the balance. These parasitic monsters only purpose is to move from one victim to the next, draining the host of blood whilst riding the body in search of…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB069 - Tadao
    GCTB069 - Tadao

    The Kairai are a cruel and mocking reminder to the living of the dark and twisted powers of the cult. The vile predicament forced upon the living soldiers of the Jwar isles as they are ordered to hack down their brothers, sisters,…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB070 - Waku
    GCTB070 - Waku

    The demon of legend Waku the collector of souls has returned. His power is only matched by his cruelty. His life force sustained by draining and claiming the lives of the living who appear on Jikoku’s list, an evil artefact that…

    € 12,00
  • GCTB071 - Kusatta Kairai
    GCTB071 - Kusatta Kairai

    These abominations of undead are the latest creation of the warped and twisted minds of the Cult Shugenja. Lumbering across the battlefield with single minded purpose, to bring death and suffering to the lives of the living. Those…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB072 - Nezumi Kun
    GCTB072 - Nezumi Kun

    Little is known about the origins of Nezumi Kun, even the scholars of the Blue library could only guess at the occult rituals and black magic used to create this “Son of Nezumi”. The savage Yokai appears more wild and feral…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB073 - Wanyudo
    GCTB073 - Wanyudo

    Some say the Wanyudo are a curse of those that would break the tenants of Michi. I punishment for the Samurai who fail in their duty to their ancestors and a hex of the lands they survey. What is known is that these Wanyudo are…

    € 14,00
  • GCTB074 - Gaki
    GCTB074 - Gaki

    The Gaki are cursed, once greedy and conceited men, now damned to lurk in the dark. Constantly driven by the gnawing pain of a hunger that cannot be satisfied no matter to volume of meat this foul Yokai consumes. Those rare…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB075 - Harionago
    GCTB075 - Harionago

    Harionago is a truly terrifying addition to the ranks of the Cult. An ancient evil that for generations has preyed on unwary travellers across the Jwar Isles, her new found purpose to further the goals of Yurei is a frightening…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB076 - Mo Ises
    GCTB076 - Mo Ises

    How Mo Ises was drawn into the cult is unknown. He is though a deadly foe, often misjudged by his opponents they remain unaware of the threat he poses until they feel the cold of steel at their backs. The power of his words have…

    € 10,00
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