The Prefecture of Ryu

The Dragon Clan won the rights to colonize the Westward Isles in a series of duels with their rivals, the Shiho Clan. However, when the Emperor’s vessel expired, and his young heir, too young and inexperienced to concern himself with the petty disputes at the fringes of his lands, the promise of sole settlement rights died with him. The newly formed Prefecture of Ryu found themselves yet again in conflict with their old enemies, the Shiho Clan. Now, the Prefecture’s grasp of power is weakened, due to the recent Tsunami. Their forces are in disarray, they are fighting on all fronts in the aftermath of the disaster. But still the men and women of the Dragon are ready to take their place at Destiny’s table, uniting the human world by defending it against all threats.

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  • GCTB015 - Prefecture of Ryu - Starter Set
    GCTB015 - Prefecture of Ryu - Starter Set

    The Dragon Clan won the rights to colonize the Westward Isles in a series of duels with their rivals, the Shiho Clan. However, when the Emperors vessel expired, and his young heir too young and inexperienced to concern himself…

    € 35,00
  • GCTB016 - Golden Sentinel
    GCTB016 - Golden Sentinel

    The Golden Sentinels are the bodyguards of the Emperor’s clan, guarding the family on their travels, in their homes and in court. They also serve as escorts to his Teishin as they journey his Empire spreading his holy word. If…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB017 - The Grey Pilgrim
    GCTB017 - The Grey Pilgrim

    Blister contains one miniature, one 30mm base and two full colour profile cards.

    € 10,00
  • GCTB018 - Yukio Koshimori, Imperial Envoy
    GCTB018 - Yukio Koshimori, Imperial Envoy

    Yukio Koshimori is one of the shrewdest, craftiest minds in the empire. Many question his recent arrival in the Jwar Isles, some suggest his appearance a bad omen; that the Empire’s interest in the isles is piqued whilst others…

    € 11,00
  • GCTB019 - Shuichi
    GCTB019 - Shuichi

    The Takashi clan have long followed the teachings of Michi and unlike some of the other clans in the Jwar Isles strictly adhere to its teachings when raising the next generation. The Michi priests already offer the support of…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB020 - Akio Takashi
    GCTB020 - Akio Takashi

    Takashi Akio is a legendary sensei of the finest sword Gakko in Ryu. The majority of the Takashi line has learning under his excellent tutelage. Now in the twilight years of his life and with the need for all able body warriors to…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB021 - Isamu
    GCTB021 - Isamu

    A veteran of the Dragon wars, tales of his courage at the battle of Hendai are still told today in the streets of Tsumaga. He had led the life of a fisherman after the first war until the call from Ryu came, summoning all goshi…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB022 - Guardsman of Ryu
    GCTB022 - Guardsman of Ryu

    Whether with yari or the fabled Arquebus the ashigaru stationed at Ryu are staunchly loyal to the Takashi and will defend their clan to the death. They are trained and drilled relentlessly to ensure that in battle they act and…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB023 - Katsumoto Takashi
    GCTB023 - Katsumoto Takashi

    Sensei at the Koryu school in Ryu, Katsumoto has for many years passed his exceptional tactical skills on to the sons of the Takashi clan. It is recognised that much of the military success in the Dragon wars was down to…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB024 - Madoka
    GCTB024 - Madoka

    In times of war the Prefecture of Ryu is able to call upon those loyal to their Takashi Lords, swelling the ranks of the serving ashigaru with Goshi. Madoka wields his long axe in the name of Ryu, hacking down foe with sweeping…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB025 - Genji & Eiji Takashi
    GCTB025 - Genji & Eiji Takashi

    Born to fight, there was never a doubt that these twins would take any path other than that of the samurai. Genji strong and quiet, Eiji quick to anger but equally quick to laugh, on the battlefield when fighting back to back they…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB026 - Ryoko-Sha
    GCTB026 - Ryoko-Sha

    Ryoko-Sha is a samurai with distinct and unique skills. His understanding of strategy and tactics has allowed him to channel Ki to control the ebb and flow of battle. He is of utmost importance to the Takashi family, his Temporal…

    € 10,00
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