The savage Wave

They take the form of evil creatures of myth and folklore. From where they come or why, no-one knows, but one thing is for certain, the wave crushes everything in its path. The Oni and Bakemono demon-creatures that make up the bulk of the Savage Wave appear bent on the destruction of humankind and all that is holy, but they are not mindless – as many opponents have found out at great pain, the Savage Wave is cunning and organized, and it operates according to its own weird and unknowable logic. Some mad hermits and outcast scholars whisper that this is not the first Savage Wave...

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  • GCTB090 - Savage Wave Starter Set
    GCTB090 - Savage Wave Starter Set

    They take the form of evil creatures of myth and folklore. From where they come or why, no-one knows, but one thing is for certain, the wave crushes everything in its path. The Oni and Bakemono demon-creatures that make up the…

    € 35,00
  • GCTB091 - Taisho Tenbatsu
    GCTB091 - Taisho Tenbatsu

    Kurouma Tenbatsu is a broken and twisted man. The Kurouma line was cut over a century ago, only a small and insignificant clan during their short existence and Tenbatsu is all that remains of the clan formerly based in Eastern…

    € 12,00
  • GCTB092 - Kaihei Pack
    GCTB092 - Kaihei Pack

    These muscled hunters are pack animals and whilst fearsome in isolation they are truly terrifying when running in a group. Lean and agile they bound across the battlefield, throwing themselves with great momentum at their quarry,…

    € 14,00
  • GCTB093 - Kaihei Alpha
    GCTB093 - Kaihei Alpha

    Eight foot of lean muscle, a cunning, ruthless hunter. The Kaihei Alpha are the large and most ferocious of the Kaihei an already deadly beast. Like all packs it only functions with strong leadership and Alphas have this in…

    € 14,00
  • GCTB094 - Yusha
    GCTB094 - Yusha

    A terrible and furious oni, Yusha the vindictive is a master of controlling, focusing and leashing the destructive ferocity of those unlucky enough to find themselves under his lash. Whether it’s the vicious lion like Kaihei,…

    € 19,00
  • GCTB095 - Tribal Brutes
    GCTB095 - Tribal Brutes

    Of the many types of Bakemono the Dai-Bakemono make the best shock troopers. Despite their low intelligence which can on occasion force their leaders to change their plans quickly they provide the Bakemono tribes with resilient,…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB096 - Zung Fu
    GCTB096 - Zung Fu

    For so long have the Shugenja of the Bakemono tribes lived and worked with darkness and shadow that they seem to see it almost as a living breathing entity. They whisper, listen and learn from the deep blackness in which they…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB097 - Giant Cave Bat
    GCTB097 - Giant Cave Bat

    Deep in the belly of the world in the dark places the Bakemono tribes call their own the bats grow large. Whether it is through the consumption of the rare and toxic fungus that the bats in the warrens grow to such size or because…

    € 16,50
  • GCTB098 - Jun
    GCTB098 - Jun

    Those who taste the blood of a demon are driven mad by the raw alien power coursing through their veins, warping their senses and souls. Jun was already mad. An evil and impure man the Oni’s mad dog to set upon their enemies,…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB099 - Boba
    GCTB099 - Boba

    Another young Oni joins the ranks of the Savage Wave. Boba is a wicked shot, picking enemies off at will. When he channels his Ki he can lob his heavy iron shots with disconcerting accuracy. Those that have felt themselves safely…

    € 11,00
  • GCTB100 - Uk-Kang
    GCTB100 - Uk-Kang

    The first of the Dai Bakemono to come to the fore, bigger and stronger than all but the Rinsho Bakemono, Uk-Kang has earned renowned for being fiercely protective of his brethren and it has been noted by the Council of…

    € 10,00
  • GCTB101 - Kano
    GCTB101 - Kano

    Any who oppose the Savage Wave quickly come to realise just how terrible and fearsome an enemy an Oni makes. It turns out their youth are just as fierce, standing as tall as a fully grown man they take up the fight of the Savage…

    € 10,50
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